Conscious Cleansing by Michele Hébert

Michele Hébert will be offering a three-day cleansing diet and guidance session to all currently enrolled in the Summer Meditation Program. (spouses included). Michele created the diet based on her nutritional studies at The Baptiste Center and Dr. Bernard Jensen, who certified her as a natural nutritionist. You can do the Purification Diet at the time of your choice.


Live Meditation Recordings: Set of 15 or 30

Set of Thirty Recordings:
These sessions are the recorded guided meditations led by Michele Hébert March 24 – May 8.
In them you are guided through a variety of Inner Practices including pranayama, heart-centered meditations, chanting, Yoga Nidra, and classic meditation.

You may purchase 15 sessions or the Complete Set (30 Sessions)


The Tenth Door

A Yoga Adventure
by Michele Hébert

In The Tenth Door, Michele Hebert recounts the stunning personal story of her spiritual training with legendary yoga master Walt Baptiste. Journeying with her, the reader is transported from 1970s San Francisco through a years-long stint of near solitude in the jungles of El Salvador just as that country moves from seeming tranquility to revolution. In that exotic venue, the author comes face to face with challenges that test her devotion, her carefully cultivated yogic discipline, and even her earthly existence.
This unexpectedly humorous and intimate story inspires seekers everywhere to follow their own path no matter where it will lead, and to hold onto their faith – no matter the challenge.