Weekly Contemplations to Ignite the Soul

No. 11: Transform

The greatest act of creation is man’s ability to recreate himself. You have the capacity right now, in this very moment to transform yourself on the deepest level. The essential ingredient is a burning desire to do so. This desire comes from the Soul level.

For each one of us there is a season and cycle to listen to our soul calling and to take up the the spiritual practices that lead to transformation. You don’t have to check out of your life in order to do this. You can do it within the life you are living by taking up the practice of meditation and discover the truth of whom you really are.

Be free from all selfish desires of the mind
Renounce everything for the love that’s divine
When your mind is surrendered and evermore true
That love which is bliss will awaken in you
—Atma Gita

Spiritual Practice to Calm the Mind



  1. Make an effort this week to not hold back and give yourself 100% to your undertakings. Avoid half-hearted actions.
  2. Watch your mind carefully and notice the times that there is a lapse of commitment —and the times you are willing to compromise your best intentions. Pay particular attention to procrastination when it comes to even a few minutes of meditation practice.
  3. Realize that there is a part of yourself that does not want you to grow and transform. TAKE CHARGE by recommitting yourSelf daily, hourly, moment by moment and breath by breath.