Weekly Contemplations to Ignite the Soul

No. 8: The Great Commandment

The New Testament introduces the Great Commandment in two parts that sum up the teachings of most of the world’s wisdom traditions:

1. Love the Lord, your God with all your heart, soul and mind
2. Love your neighbor as yourself

The ancient teachings of yoga share the same messages:

“That man who has seen God sees God everywhere
He worships the Self in all hearts as his own
This is the best mode of worship indeed
To treat all as God in ones thought, word and deed”
-Atma Gita

We have no trouble loving friends. The challenge is to be able to have this sensitivity, openness, and kindheartedness towards strangers and towards the people we judge. Judging others is often limiting and can inhibit the light in yourself and in the other person.

When you strive to keep your heart open without judgment, your light will continuously shine on all who you encounter.

Spiritual Practice to Calm the Mind

Keeping Your Heart Open

As you go through your day, be fully present for everyone with whom you interact– the checkout person at the grocery store; share a smile with the person walking by you on the street. In mindfully connecting with others from a centered and loving place, you will discover the meaning of ‘oneness’.

Resolve to meet everyone today with respect and warmth.

Audio Meditation

Download an accompanying audio meditation with Michele below: