Weekly Contemplations to Ignite the Soul

No. 9: Knowledge and Wisdom

What is the difference between knowledge and wisdom?

Knowledge you receive from the outer world

Wisdom you receive from within

Beginning in January, Spiritually Speaking blogs will have a new addition: 15-20-minute “wisdom from within” meditations led by Michele Hébert that can be used throughout the week. The blog will include both knowledge and wisdom: practical teachings of the sages and an audio meditation that is easy to follow and progressive.


These audio meditations will help you develop and maintain a regular meditation practice and guide you in a myriad of practices offered by Raja Yoga. Each week, you will receive a new guided audio meditation with unique practices to use daily for that week.


The weekly Spiritually Speaking guided Audio Meditation led by Michele will be available by monthly and quarterly subscription. You will receive subscription information for Spiritually Speaking in the coming weeks.

Saraswati – Goddess of Knowledge and Wisdom

“When you have gained knowledge and wisdom as well
When you can feel one with the whole universe
When you’ve found the Self and in Self found delight
Then you will be free though you live still on earth”
—Atma Gita

To help you maintain center during the holidays, practice with all the Spiritually Speakings blogs. Spiritually Speaking is available to serve as a reminder to who you really are.

Remember to remember…
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