Weekly Contemplations to Ignite the Soul

No. 5: Spiritual Giant


My spiritual guide and master of Raja Yoga, Walt Baptiste, taught that we are sleeping spiritual giants. Once we step onto the spiritual path there are guideposts and practices to help us evolve and we begin to experience life in new and wondrous ways.


That vision which sees many where there is one
Is sleep though ones eyes may appear open wide
The one conscious Self is the Reality
Awake from the dream of this world and be free.
—Atma Gita


By turning your attention from the outer to the inner you have the ability to discover your essential nature–the one conscious Self.  With time and consistent practice, your experience of each moment deepens and the spiritual giant that is you awakens.
Eye of Providence - Awakening The Spiritual Giant Within

Spiritual Practice to Calm the Mind

Two Minute Meditation


Seated comfortably with an erect spine allow your body to relax. As you relax deeply, the breath will calm as well. With the mind at a the forehead center bring your attention to your thoughts. Become the silent witness of these thoughts for just two minutes.
Each time you lose your focus, guide it back again and again with patience using the mantra peace, harmony, well-being or the Sanskrit mantra So Ham.


Practice this two minute meditation 4 or 5 times throughout the day. With each two minutes you will anchor yourself in calmness even in the midst of your busy day.