Thank You!

Thank you for your interest in our meditation livestream.

Please click the link above to join Michele in meditation and Raja Yoga practices December 18 (Hanukkah Morning) @ 9:30am PST.


You can join by clicking “Join A Meeting” on your Zoom Application and entering:

Meeting ID: 890 7396 5827
Passcode: 074409

See you at 9:30am PST!


Complimentary Meditation Dates:

11/24/2022 (Thanksgiving): 9:30am PST
12/18/2022 (Hanukkah): 9:30am PST
12/25/2022 (Christmas): 9:30am PST
01/01/2023 (New Years Day): 9:30am PST

You may join the Zoom livestream from any device using a browser – however Zoom offers applications that may work better on your phones or tablets

If you are joining from an iOS device (iPhone or iPad), please be sure to download the Zoom application from the Apple Store:

If you are joining from an Android device, please be sure to download the Zoom application from the Google Play Store:

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JANUARY 2 – FEBUARY 23, 2023

Winter Meditation Course Image

January 2, 2023 begins our new live online eight-week Winter Meditation Program. We will continue to share practices with you learned from legendary meditation masters Yogi Raj Walt Baptiste, H.H. The Dalai Lama and Swami Veda Bharati that lead to emotional, physical and mental transformation. The lineages of these teachers are powerful and unbroken. The recordings that you receive are yours to supplement your own personal meditations during and after the sessions end.