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The Tenth Door: A Yoga Adventure

by Michele Hébert


The Tenth Door is about living from the heart and daring to take risks. In these pages, Michele Hébert shares her extraordinary spiritual journey with legendary yoga master Walt Baptiste. Intimate, captivating, and unexpectedly humorous, Her story transcends the world of physical yoga and brings to life the teachings shared by many wisdom traditions and their relevance to modern living.

Journeying with the author, you are transported from Cleveland to San Francisco to four years of near solitude in the jungles of El Salvador, as the country moves from seeming tranquility to revolution, Hébert comes face to face with challenges that test her devotion, her carefully cultivated yogic discipline, and even her earthly existence.


Editorial Reviews:

“Hébert’s memoir is a colorful eyewitness account of a transformational time in American history and an up-close look at a seminal figure in the history of yoga in the West.”

– Yoga Journal Read more…


“Pertinent and compelling. It is a tale of personal strength in the face of doubt, conflict and fear to which many yogis can relate.”

– LA Yoga


“Michele Hébert’s story fascinates me. She found the courage to do something very different from anything she could have imagined, yet she conveys a powerful sense that the path she is traveling was “meant” and could not be denied.”

– Linda Wertheimer, National Public Radio (NPR)


“Hébert has written a 21st century spiritual adventure that is in large part “Autobiography of a Yogini” with an ounce of Eat, Pray, Love.  Hébert’s story of devotion to her teacher, told with such clarity and kindness, will touch your heart.  You may even question your assumption about the guru-disciple relationship.”

– YOGA THERAPY FOR TODAY, review by Amy Weintraub, author of Yoga for Depression


“The Tenth Door is spiritually galvanizing, totally engaging and brimming with insight. This is one of the best books on living in the light of spirit that I’ve read in years.”

– Linda Johnsen, author of Daughters of the Goddess: The Women Saints of India


“Hébert carries us on a real-life spiritual adventure. While you’re being entertained, you’re also learning something important about yourself and what it takes to live as an authentically spiritual being. This one you can’t put down.”

– Common Ground Magazine


“Michele Hébert’s book is one of the most absorbing and enlightening accounts of a spiritual journey I have ever read. It opens doors of the mind and soul.”
- Dan Wakefield, author of  Returning: A Spiritual Journey ”A genuine page turner filled with wisdom and insights for yoga fans as well as readers treading the mind-body-spirit path.”

– ForeWord Review


“Here we see for ourselves what serious commitment to regular practice can produce. Hébert makes rigorous spiritual practice not only challenging but incredibly exciting.”

– About.com Read more…


“Hébert has expertly preserved the powerful lessons he (her guru, Walt Baptiste) imparted to her within this book, at times you feel like his messages are meant for you, too. Wherever you are in your journey, The Tenth Door sets a beautiful example of how to follow your heart in order to craft your best life.”

– New Jersey Namaste News, Winter 2012 Read more…


“It is not everyday that you have the opportunity to join a renowned yoga teacher on their step-by-step experience and hear their inner thoughts and feelings. The Tenth Door is a gift to the world of yoga and is for anyone interested in evolving.”

– Peter Davis, CEO, IDEA Health and Fitness Association


“Michele is one of the teachers who widened the western Yoga to be understood as it is today…The Tenth Door is an intimate story of spiritual transcendence and a totally enjoyable read.”

– Kim Schleicher, Feathered Pipe Foundation