Husband and wife, Dr. Mehrad Nazari and Michele Hébert, have devoted their lives to living and teaching the profound spiritual practices of Raja Yoga and meditation for the purposeful evolution of consciousness. Their authentic approach is deeply rooted in the traditions of Raja Yoga and the teachings of the masters with whom they have studied.

Michele and Mehrad have been pioneers in making the authentic spiritual teachings of Raja Yoga accessible. Their methods are practical for modern Western lifestyles. During the past two decades, they have introduced the spiritual practices of yoga and meditation into the mainstream fitness, spa, education, corporate and medical arenas.

Michele and Mehrad’s common mission is to share the transformative practices of Raja Yoga that unveil true human potential. They are known for their joyful, genuine, empathetic and down-to-earth teaching style. They openly share their lives and their hearts with students, with respect for every individual’s unique spiritual path.


“From the first class…something shifted in my practice.
I found a greater sense of joy and peace than I had ever
known – in or out of Yoga class. Beyond anything else,
they have taught me that Yoga is not something that you
practice on a mat, it is a way of life that requires full
awareness, presence and a sense of humor. For me, they
are the greatest example of what a yogic life can offer:
joy, peace, bliss, beauty, grace, and strength.”
                                         -Raja Yogis student Lisa Murray
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