Spiritually Speaking Cursive Writing - Being the Observer

Weekly Contemplations to Ignite the Soul

No. 4: Being the Observer


Learning to rise above negative emotional states – to be an observer – is a gift given us in spiritual teachings. Recognizing negative emotions are arising in the moment is foundational on the journey of self-mastery. As you grow in self awareness, you may discover that these emotions are old “companions.” They may be habit patterns that have been with you since childhood.

For instance, do you permit the negative emotion to hijack your being? Creating utter misery? Or do you suppress it, allowing the emotion to reemerge again at another time?

The enlightened alternative is to see it clearly, dive deeply within, and connect with the part of your Self that is perfect calmness. You then become the dispassionate observer of the emotion. Over time, and in a natural way, these unruly emotions will dissipate and no longer be a part of you.

“Learn to be even in mind and in poise

Be calm in the midst of the mightiest storm

Though men may upbraid you and call you false names

Remember the Self, remain ever the same”

                                               —Atma Gita
The observer - the ever present moon resides over a calm lake - like the calm spirit should observe the mind

Spiritual Practice

Being the Observer


1. Mentally turn the situation that triggered the emotion into a positive

2. Bring your awareness to whatever is going on in the physical body. Take a Deep Breath and release any tightness, tension, or constriction

3. Repeat the mantra Peace Harmony Well-being



Sit with the spine erect and feet firmly planted on the ground. Close the eyes and become the observer of the emotion you are experiencing.Practice one round of mantra peace, harmony, well-being on your mala until you experience a clearing.

You are not that emotion. You are pure awareness. Dwell here.

Remember to be open to divine grace.

Peace. Harmony. Well Being.