June 21, 2011

     Sitting on my little balcony overlooking the vegetable gardens of Esalen Institute and the expansive Pacific beyond, there is a subtle shift in my awareness. My mind suddenly transcends its limitations and I find myself no longer separate from it all.


July 3, 2011

     I recently returned from New York City where I participated in the International Women’s Writers Guild Big Apple Conference speaking on my new book, The Tenth Door. As an author panelist I was impressed by the two hundred spirited women attending--hailing from around the globe. As different as we all were, we had  common bonds ---a strong commitment to the craft and a desire to improve and learn more. 


Book Awards

 June 12, 2011


     Last night I attended the San Diego Book Awards where I was a finalist for my new book, The Tenth Door: An Adventure Through the Jungles of Enlightenment. It was thrilling to  hear the words, "The winner is The Tenth Door!" 


 May 22, 2011


     After reading my book The Tenth Door, many people ask me: How did you find the kind of discipline that was required to do what you did?  At first, I was taken aback because I didn't think of my love of yoga and the love for my teacher as  discipline. 

     Inspiration, yes. Commitment, yes. But not that difficult and drudgery filled word "discipline."


   May 7, 2011   


     Having just returned from a stunning teaching week at  Rancho La Puerta, I am inspired to reflect on the value of retreat-- stepping out of your daily routine and taking the time to go to a place that is created to support your growth and spiritual progress.

      "What can happen in a week?" one may ask.

The answer lies within you--your intention and your action.


April 24, 2011


A practical mystic is someone with both feet firmly on the ground yet actively involved in their daily spiritual practice. My spiritual teacher Walt Baptiste often said that he wanted his students to be successful in both the material world as well as the spiritual.  The idea of balancing both the material and the spiritual was integral to his teachings and he was a great example of this himself.



 April 17

We have to start thinking more about what we are thinking about. Thought is creative into the future so we are ultimately responsible for the direction of our lives. Do you know how many thoughts you think in a day? It is estimated that you think about 60,000 thoughts in a day and 90% of those thoughts you thought yesterday!


 April 13, 2011  

     One of the many gifts of nature is that in its very essence it is present. Nature has its own consciousness. Sometimes when I'm at Rancho la Puerta, I gaze at Mt. Kuchuuma and I could swear the mountain is breathing. When we go out  into nature we are lifted to  its  consciousness which is always in the powerful present.  When we are truly in the moment, the mind is not worrying or wandering, causing a leakage of energy, it is in the here and now.


 March 29

San Diego


It's quite the reentry from the energy field of India to that of Southern California.

Not only is it a 180 degree about face, but the depth of the practices at The Ashram and the holy sites we visited awakened new energies and as fantastic as we feel, it takes some time for the cells of the nervous system and the psychic body to rearrange themselves.



 March 11



The first evening of our arrival, Senju, one of the directors at Rasa Aurveda, explained to us that in the local language of Malayalow the phrase thank you is rarely used--only in cases of extreme formality.

Among family and community it is not an accepted phrase. Everything flows and is done with love--both the giving and receiving.


Niika, Mehrad and I looked a little closer at what "thank you" often signifies in our culture....