Peace Musings

How can we expect the world to be peaceful if we are not examples of this within ourselves? How can we expect the world to be at peace if we are not at peace? When we experience the deep peace at the core of our being, we become one with it and naturally radiate peace out into the world. As peacemakers, it is our responsibility to make a connection with our inner peace daily. Meditation brings us to our inner stillness.

Along with the foundation of meditation, the following four practices, when utilized mindfully in your life will bring more peace awareness into your life:


1.  Focus on What is Right with the World

The media is quick to tell us what is going wrong in the world. But what about all of the things that are going right? The places in the world that are of peace and the peacemakers bringing to it their light? Our powerful minds are like radio waves that we send out into the environment.


2. Minding the Mind

Be aware and vigilant of your thoughts, attitudes and judgments. Replace feelings of frustration with gratitude. As soon as you catch yourself in a state that is not of calm, replace what you are thinking with something you are grateful for. Gratitude thoughts will instantly take you back to a positive state of being.


3. Forgiveness

When we harbor resentment toward others we are poisoning ourselves. When we forgive others we are healing ourselves.


4. Service

The truth is we are one. We see ourselves as separate, but that is an illusion. When we serve others we are given back a thousand fold.