Spiritually Speaking cursive writing - the Heart

Weekly Contemplations to Ignite the Soul

No. 2: The Heart

This week’s focus is the Heart. The Song of the Atma Gita is a conversation between Lord Krishna (God) and his disciple Uddhava on the eve of Sri Krisna’s death.  in it, Uddhava pointedly asks Krishna which of the many paths is the best way to reach God. Krishna answers:


“By love, or by inward control of the mind

 By faith, or by wisdom, by serving mankind

All these have been taught as the way to reach God

But the best way of all is devotional love.”


Devotional love is highly personal and yet in a mysterious way the more we experience it in our meditations and in our hearts the more we experience it in our outer life. We begin to have greater love and compassion for all beings and understand that life is a spiritual classroom and the tests we are given are to help us grow toward the fullness and wholeness of all that we are

Heart Chakra Green Emerald Mandala

Spiritual Practice to Open the Heart

Contemplation on the Heart


Establish a comfortable seated position with the spine erect and the feet firmly on the ground.

Focus on a calm nostril breath as you repeat your chosen mantra:

Peace harmony Well-Being

Joy Peace Bliss

So Ham

Or a name of the divine according to your wisdom tradition.

After a few minutes when the mind begins to center, gaze down into the heart chakra between the breasts and beneath the sternum. Repeat your mantra as if it is emanating from the center of the heart cave. Dwell here.

When you are ready, move the mind to the forehead center and gaze deeply within.

The energies you awaken in the heart will naturally move to the Ajna Chakra, the higher center in the head.

Lastly, breathe deeply and bring the best of your heart centered meditation into your day.