Simply Meditation

Did you know that in a typical day you think approximately 60,000 thoughts? What is even more astounding is that 90% of those thoughts you thought yesterday. Most of us would like to thinks we are constantly expressing creative thoughts and ideas, but apparently that is not the case! Psychology reveals that the majority of our thought patterns and beliefs are formed at a very early age and repeat themselves over and over throughout our lives.

Your thoughts and emotions are constantly affecting the trillions of cells in your body. When you are in a calm and relaxed state chemical messengers such as seratonoin and endorphins are released from the brain into the body/mind system, creating a sense of well-being and harmony. When you are in a state of mental or emotional stress, however, the famous “flight or fight” response kicks in and the entire system prepares to defend intself.

What is Meditation? Meditation is often thought of as a mystical practice from the East. The truth is that meditation has been practiced throughjout the ages in many cultures and wisdom traditions. It is a spiritual practice although not necessarily a religious activity. Through the practice of meditation you consciously move into a place of deep peace effecting every aspect of your being. The high goal of meditation is to achieve union with your spiritual essence-pure light, pure joy and pure love which  permeates every corner of your life.