Goals Vs. Values

Do you look for happiness in the achievement of your goals or by living true to your values?

According to happiness research 50% of our happiness quotient is a setpoint–what we are born with. Some people have high set points and some have low setpoints. Only 10% of happiness comes from the achievement of goals. The other 40% is under our voluntary control. This would include attitudes and values.

Many people go for the goals to bring them happiness. A goal is a tangible thing that we believe will give us happiness if we achieve it and if we do not achieve it will produce dissatisfacion.  A mountain climber climbs the mountain, has a momentary high, than after a short period of time gets used to the goal and begins to look at the mountain in the distance thinking that one over there is an even better goal. This is called the happiness treadmill. People on the happiness treadmill go from goal to goal to find happiness but it is always allusive.

It is in the pursuit of our values and the act of consciously bringing values into our endeavors that  happiness can be found. The goal than become an avenue for the values to shine forth into the world.