Spiritually Speaking cursive writing - Interconnectedness

Weekly Contemplations to Ignite the Soul

No. 3: Interconnectedness


Understanding the concept of the interconnectedness of the universe is for most of us a huge shift in perspective— the idea that we are intrinsically connected to everyone and everything and not the leading actor experiencing the main event in the play of life.  You may accept this intellectually, but how do you feel it in your heart and experience it as reality? 


“When you have gained knowledge and wisdom as well

When You can feel one with the whole universe

When you’ve found the Self and in Self found delight

Then you will be free, though you live still on earth”

Interconnectedness is demonstrated in this buddhist infinity knot

Spiritual Practice



Take a few moments to close the eyes and follow the breath, calming the mind with the Sanskrit mantra So Ham. (Repeating So as you breath in and Ham as you breath out). So Ham means I AM THAT or THAT I AM.

Allow yourself sufficient time to experience a sense of CALM. Dwell here.

When you have completed your practice of meditation and as you step out into your life be very aware of the world around you. Listen, see, smell and feel your environment.

Step outside and connect with the sky, the earth, the plants and trees.

Energetically breath the essence of nature into your pores.

This week, as you interact with others, make an effort to be 100% present with them remembering that the Self and Light that you experience within pervades the entire universe and is within every being.