The greatest act of creation is man’s ability to recreate himself. You have the capacity right now, in this very moment to transform yourself on the deepest level. The essential ingredient is a burning desire to do so. This desire comes from the Soul level.

Transformation is a word that is used lightly in our culture.  What we don’t mean by transformation is getting superficially charged up mentally and emotionally — inspired for a few days and then ending up where we were.  What we  mean by transformation is the shedding of the parts of ourselves that are weak and conditioned to grow into our full capacity as human and spiritual  beings.  And because we are able to lead ourselves we have the capacity to help others grow and evolve as well.

One of the greatest challenges to spiritual growth is the magnetic pull of materiality. So we often put off that moment of actually sitting down to reflect and meditate.

Our yoga and spiritual teacher Walt Baptiste said that for each one of us there is a season and cycle to listen to our soul calling and to take up the practices of transformation. You don’t have to check out of your life in order to  do this. You don’t have to go into solitude for years or go to India to study. You can do it within the life you are living by taking up the spiritual practices that uncover the divine spark within. In doing so you will realize your authentic Self and your life will take on new meaning.