Nature Breathes

One of the many gifts of nature is that in its very essence it is present. Nature has its own consciousness. Sometimes when I’m at Rancho la Puerta, I gaze at Mt. Kuchuuma and I could swear the mountain is breathing. When we go out  into nature we are lifted to  its  consciousness which is always in the powerful present.  When we are truly in the moment, the mind is not worrying or wandering, causing a leakage of energy, it is in the here and now.

The next time you feel off, go walking. Imagine yourself breathing the life force, chi and prana of nature into every cell of your being. Breathe it into the sides of yourself, the back, the front. Feel the electricity  of the trees, the sky, the grass, the plants, the very air around you, as you draw their  essence into your very being.