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Your Whole Life is About Waking Up!

There is a wonderful story  about the Buddha on his death bed. 

His devotees were around him, and one summoned the courage to ask him who he was.

     "Are you God?" asked the disciple?

     "No,"replied the Buddha.

     "Are you just a man?"

     "No," answered the Buddha.

     "Then who are you?"

      "I am awake," answered the Buddha.

Growing Yourself: Enlightened Leadership Through Personal Transformation

Inner IDEA - Self-knowledge and self-mastery equip us to help others more effectively.

Is there a leader in your life who inspires you? What qualities make that person outstanding to you?


      The greatest act of creation is man’s ability to recreate himself. You have the capacity right now, in this very moment to transform yourself on the deepest level. The essential ingredient is a burning desire to do so. This desire comes from the Soul level. 


July 8, 2014

Self mastery and self-management are quickly becoming valued attributes in our increasingly outward directed society. The enlightened leader is the one who has a connection with his/her spiritual essence and makes a conscious decision to grow and evolve and become a better person within himself by taking up practices that lead to inner/spiritual growth. 


 April 20, 12014

     How can we expect the world to be peaceful if we are not examples of this within ourselves? How can we expect the world to be at peace if we are not at peace? When we experience the deep peace at the core of our being, we become one with it and naturally radiate peace out into the world. As peacemakers, it is our responsibility to make a connection with our inner peace daily. Meditation brings us to our inner stillness.


 January 18, 2014

     Do you look for happiness in the achievement of your goals or by living true to your values?

According to happiness research 50% of our happiness quotient is a setpoint--what we are born with. Some people have high set points and some have low setpoints. Only 10% of happiness comes from the achievement of goals. The other 40% is under our voluntary control. This would include attitudes and values.


 June 30, 2013


     The word Health comes from the old English word Wholth.  It refers to the well-being of the whole person: body, mind and spirit. With the advent of mind-body medicine, the western world is embracingwhat Eastern Wisdom traditions have been teaching for thousands of years--that mind and body are inseparable. They are one.  As you work toward healing the physical body by accessing the mental and spiritual realms, you will be activating healing energy on every level of your being.


 November 24, 2012


     Two of the highlights of our recent trip to Rome had a common theme: Passion.


 July 28, 2012

My spiritual memoir: The Tenth Door: An Adventure Through the Jungles of Enlightenment is in its second edition and I am grateful to  the thousands of people who have read it once, twice and even three times. First for the story and then for the many yoga and spiritual teachings throughout the book.