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5-Week Meditation Course plus Complete Set of 30 Recordings


This bundle includes:

  1. Five Week Meditation Course May 11 – June 12: Fifteen progressive half-hour meditation sessions (3x per week) Mon-Thurs-Fri at 4:30pm PST. May 10 – June 12. (Yoga Nidra guest teacher: Dr. Mehrad Nazari)
  2. Recordings of each session from May 11 – June 12 sent the following day.
  3. Meditation and Inner Practices recordings March 24 – May 8.
Total Course Fee: $148

5-Week Meditation Course: Recordings

Five Week Meditation Course led by Michele:


Recordings (set of 15) of progressive half-hour meditation sessions led by Michele Hébert with special guest Yoga Nidra teacher Mehrad Nazari.

Course Fee: $108

Live Meditation Recordings: Set of 15 or 30

Set of Thirty Recordings:
These sessions are the recorded guided meditations led by Michele Hébert March 24 – May 8.
In them you are guided through a variety of Inner Practices including pranayama, heart-centered meditations, chanting, Yoga Nidra, and classic meditation.
1. Fifteen-Session Set: $58
2. Thirty-Session Set: $98

Raja Yoga: The Authentic Yoga Practice



This Authentic and time-tested classical style of Raja Yoga is inclusive of all Yogas. Beyond the boundaries of the many styles of Yoga available today, this classic method of Yoga will connect you to your underlying essence. It combines the flowing physical postures, utilizing the breath with explanation of the Yoga philosophy.

Summer Raja Yoga Meditation Course (8 weeks)



Eight Week Session: July 6 – August 29, 2020 Two 30-minute meditation sessions per week Monday and Thursday 4:30pm PDT. Recordings will be sent the next day.

Fee: $108



Eight Week Session July 6 – August 29 plus a special

advanced session.


Advanced Meditation Practices: Saturdays 9am PDT.

This is a special add-on session for those of you who have been enrolled in my previous meditations, enroll in this one, and would like to explore deeper practices such as Kriya Yoga.

Recordings will be sent the next day.


Fee for all three sessions:  $162

The Genii in the Bottle of Life


Walt Baptiste combined the pursuit of physical health with the spiritual journey toward enlightenment. Walt established the first wellness center in San Francisco combining physical culture, yoga, weight training, meditation, and the science of breath. He and his wife, Magana, inspired tens of thousands to embrace the world of body, mind & spirit. He received the sacred title of Yogi Raj, “king of yogis”, from the spiritual giant Swami Sivananda.

This CD contains four of Walt Baptiste’s meditations, including a popular favorite.