Flute Melodies to Open the Heart

William Hebert
Exquisite classical flute music performed by William Hebert, lifts your spirit to new levels of heartfelt awareness. Mr. Hebert is a world-class musician and long time member of the Cleveland Orchestra. This selection provides a heart-opening, inspirational complement to your yoga practice.

Igniting Passion

Late one evening, while strolling in the Piazza del Popolo we came upon a church whose doors were open and out of them came beautiful singing that wafted through the piazza. We were drawn to enter and discovered the church filled with with men and women of all ages, swaying and singing to the live music and waving their arms in the air with palms open to the heavens, giving themselves completely to their experience with a feeling and passion that was palpable. We could not help but join in with joy and amazement at the teenagers, too, expressing themselves openly with such emotion.

Yoga and Personal Leadership

Self mastery and self-management are quickly becoming valued attributes in our increasingly outward directed society. The enlightened leader is the one who has a connection with his/her spiritual essence and makes a conscious decision to grow and evolve and become a better person within himself by taking up practices that lead to inner/spiritual growth.