Inner Practices of Yoga: Training

Sat, 07/22/2017 - 10:00am - 6:00pm

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Raja Yoga Meditation Training - Sessions I & II w. Michele Hébert

Harmonia Wellness Center - Sausalito, CA

July 22, 2017


Baptiste Power of Yoga: Foundations Yoga Training

The ancient practice of meditation, the core of many wisdom traditions, has integrated itself into modern life. On one level it is a powerful tool for relieving stress, maintaining health, enhancing brain development and promoting creativity. On a deeper level, it connects us to our essential nature-- pure awareness or spirit.


How do we get there?

Tension in the physical body holds the mind to the physical. Accumulated stress and tension create stress patterns in the neural pathways of the brain. In this training you will learn to release tension from the physical body (through yoga, chanting, and pranayama) so the mind is free to move inward and learn meditation practices to change the very workings of the brain.


Meditation benefits for your brain include:

  • *A slow, steady, and consistent enhanced awareness of our realities
  • *The ability to take a step back, become more objective, more
  • accepting, less judgmental, and less reactive.
  • *An increasing sense of empathy and compassion

During the workshop, we will practice pranayama, mantras and chants that naturally lead to meditation and experience meditation practices from the Vedic Tradition.

This workshop is open to the community and all levels of meditation experience. Please bring malas.


Cost: $195 Workshop I & II Sessions,
Harmonia Members $175, Single Sessions $98

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Sherri Baptiste, Michele Hebert, Allison Berardi -
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415 332-1432
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