Tools & Insirations for Your Daily Practice

Enhance your spiritual development, creativity, focus, productivity, and physical health
as you continue your yoga and meditation practices at home.

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Enlightened Negotiation

8 Universal Laws to Connect, Create, and Prosper

by Dr. Mehrad Nazari


Enlightened Negotiation™ is a guide to real-world, mindful negotiation practices drawing on the principles of Eastern wisdom traditions. In the realm of business where self-styled experts teach haggling rather than negotiation, people drink in harmful practices on a daily basis. Mehrad Nazari is here to undo that damage. Each of his eight universal laws presented can be engaged for conflict resolution and negotiation in both the workplace and our personal lives.


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The Tenth Door

A Yoga Adventure

by Michele Hébert


In The Tenth Door, Michele Hebert recounts the stunning personal story of her spiritual training with legendary yoga master Walt Baptiste. Journeying with her, the reader is transported from 1970s San Francisco through a years-long stint of near solitude in the jungles of El Salvador just as that country moves from seeming tranquility to revolution. In that exotic venue, the author comes face to face with challenges that test her devotion, her carefully cultivated yogic discipline, and even her earthly existence.
This unexpectedly humorous and intimate story inspires seekers everywhere to follow their own path no matter where it will lead, and to hold onto their faith – no matter the challenge.


    2011  Nautilus Book Award Winner

    2011  National Indie Excellence Award Winner

    2011  San Diego Book Award Finalist


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The Inner Practices of Yoga: Boxed Set


SPECIAL VALUE: Boxed Set includes the following

  • Relaxation and Meditation - Volume 1
  • Self Healing - Volume 2
  • Yoga Nidra - Volume 3
  • Flute Melodies to Open the Heart
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Raja Yoga: The Authentic Yoga Practice


This Authentic and time-tested classical style of Raja Yoga is inclusive of all Yogas. Beyond the boundaries of the many styles of Yoga available today, this classic method of Yoga will connect you to your underlying essence. It combines the flowing physical postures, utilizing the breath with explanation of the Yoga philosophy.

Mehrad, with his balanced approach, will guide you through a consciousness based and joyful journey into the hear of "Yoga" for the purposeful evolution of consciousness.

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The Genii in the Bottle of Life

Walt Babtiste combined the pursuit of physical health with the spiritual journey toward enlightenment. Walt established the first wellness center in San Francisco combining physical culture, yoga, weight training, meditation, and the science of breath. He and his wife, Magana, inspired tens of thousands to embrace the world of body, mind & spirit. He received the sacred title of Yogi Raj, "king of yogis", from the spiritual giant Swami Sivananda.

This CD contains one of Walt Babtiste's most famous meditations and a popular favorite.

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The Inner Practices of Yoga YOGA MEDITATION - Volume 1

Michele Hébert gently guides you through simple yet powerful practices to prepare the mind and body to enter a deep state of meditation. Begins with gentle stretches to release back tension. Calm the nervous system, increase breath capacity and connect with your spiritual essence. Background music by renowned Indian flutist G.S. Sachdev.

60 minutes

"Michele is a gifted teacher. With her voice of wisdom she will masterfully guide you into your innermost center of being."
-Baron Baptiste,
Yoga Master

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The Inner Practices of Yoga SELF HEALING - Volume 2

Michele Hébert guides you through a series of Raja Yoga practices to balance the chakras and access the healing intelligence that resides within. Meditation and guided visualization are highly effective for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing.

60 minutes


"Michele's self healing meditation has had a profound effect in reducing my pain and reawakening my serenity."
-Lauren Ulrich, Physical Therapist

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The Inner Practices of Yoga YOGA NIDRA - Volume 3

Dr. Mehrad Nazari guides you through the ancient art of Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra is the practice of connecting with the Supreme Self by relaxing the physical and mental bodies for the unfolding of deep awareness. It is an ideal preparation for meditation.

70 minutes


"Mehrad's brilliant teaching and heart warming style has ushered thousand's of people to a new level in their spiritual growth."
-Deborah Szekely, Founder Rancho La Puerta and the Golden Door

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Flute Melodies to Open the Heart

William Hebert

Exquisite classical flute music performed by William Hebert, lifts your spirit to new levels of heartfelt awareness. Mr. Hebert is a world-class musician and long time member of the Cleveland Orchestra. This selection provides a heart-opening, inspirational complement to your yoga practice.

52 minutes


"A musician upholding the highest standards of professionalism...superb playing."
-Flute Talk Magazine

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