March 3


Today is our final day in Rishikesh and the Ashram. The Sivaratri ceremonies last night went until 2 am. with a chorus of men rapidly repeating mantras from 5pm onward. Everyone moves into another state of consciousness as Swami Veda and other priests perform rituals that include us.

And now, our last day here, we are immersed in ancient inner practices that are led by Swami Veda. We have been progressively drawn inward during these nine days. Deepening our understanding of ourselves.

Amidst the flower beds of Dahlia's and other colorful perennials are signs all over saying "Let the Flowers Grow". That has been the purpose of the ashram experience--it provides the space for us flower and grow.


Tomorrow we travel early in the morning. Destination: Agra and The Taj Majal!!