India here we come

 Mehrad and I will be arriving in India on Friday, February 18. We will be regularly blogging and sharing our adventures. Please stay tuned.

A 21st Century Spiritual Adventure

Hébert has written a 21st century spiritual adventure that is in large part "Autobiography of a Yogini" with an ounce of Eat, Pray, Love. Hébert lives through dangerous and even potentially life-threatening experiences, but as she puts it, "because I trusted my guru more deeply than I have ever trusted another living being, I was at peace with everything that was - and was to come." Whether or not you have a teacher on your own spiritual path, Hébert's story of devotion to hers, told with such clarity and kindness, will touch your heart.

We have our answer...

The Door to Spiritual Adventure -- It was a publishing phenomenon, a New York Times bestseller for over four years, with ten million copies in print. I hardly know anyone who hadn't read Elizabeth Gilbert's marvelous book; Julia Roberts even starred in the film adaptation. As an author myself, it seemed everyone in the industry was asking "Who's going to write the next Eat Pray Love?" We have our answer ...." Linda Johnsen is the award winning author of Daughters of the Goddess: The Women Saints of India, and seven other books on yoga and spirituality.