May 3, 2012

     Happy Birthday Deborah Szekely! 90 roses to you!

     This invincible woman and founder of Rancho La Puerta was greeted at 6am this morning outside of her original Rancho La Puerta house with a large group of mariachis and 150 or so of her friends and family. This Mexican birthday tradition, called Mananitas, has been a part of her life since the early 60's.


April 19, 2012


     We had the blessing of attending two of the talks with the Dalai Lama in his three-part San Diego series: "Compassion Without Borders". His message is clear and simple: we are one. The idea of "I and them" is not reality.


 January 20, 2012

     Did you know that in a typical day you think approximately 60,000 thoughts? What is even more astounding is that 90% of those thoughts you thought yesterday. Most of us would like to thinks we are constantly expressing creative thoughts and ideas, but apparently that is not the case! Psychology reveals that the majority of our thought patterns and beliefs are formed at a very early age and repeat themselves over and over throughout our lives.


 November 7, 2011

     We all know that the onslaught of negative news reporting by the media is unhealthy. Even if you think you are immune to it, listening to the nightly news rehashing the same dismal information, channel after channel, has a profound effect on our nervous systems, on our moods, and on our delicate psyches. Even more devastating are the pictures and images we are exposed to that sink into our subconscious.


 October 23, 2011

     We all have had first hand experience of stress. It effects us on all levels: physically, mentally and emotionally. It can wreak havoc on the nervous system and zap us of our precious life force. It depletes the adrenal glands and can leave us exhausted coloring our world view and affecting our emotional state. 


 September 26

     When I was a young girl my parents put a lot of attention into my posture. At about the age of six, my mother would stack a few books on my head and have me walk around the living room balancing the books. It was a fun game and I got pretty good at it.


 September 14, 2011

     During our wedding ceremony, Walt Baptiste, the spiritual guide who married us, gave us three gems of wisdom that I have carried with me for the last twenty years. Although, certainly, important in a marriage, they also apply to every personal reationship that we encounter in our lives.


 September 10, 2011

     You may have heard the saying "the mind is a wonderful servant, but a terrible master." Well the same can be said for our emotions. One of the ultimate challenges in life is to learn to master our emotions so that they enrich our lives rather than rule our lives. 


 August 20, 2011


     Music is said to be the universal language. Understood by all, it has inherent in its nature the total range of feelings that the human being can experience. Music has the power to lift us to mangnificence and bring us to tears. It can give us hope and stir within ourselves the fires of desire. The final strain of a lone violin ending an orchestral piece may carry us to the most refined state of peace and awe.


 July 29, 2011

     Who doesn't enjoy belly laughing? What's more fun and bonding than having a good laugh with someone? This spontaneous expression of joy turns out to have a cascade of positive effect on your mind as well as your body. And more good news is that there are no negative side effects.