July 28, 2012

My spiritual memoir: The Tenth Door: An Adventure Through the Jungles of Enlightenment is in its second edition and I am grateful to  the thousands of people who have read it once, twice and even three times. First for the story and then for the many yoga and spiritual teachings throughout the book.

What is the Tenth Door? There are nine openings in the physical body but there is a secret spiritual opening at the crown of the head known as The Tenth Door. It is from here that the spiritual adept is trained to consciously leave the body. This is one of the high goals of the advanced yogi: to have such mastery over himself or herself that at the moment of death, in a state of meditation, (s)he purposely leaves the body out of the crown chakra. 

Imagine having that kind of control over oneself and one's life and one's death! 

The Tibetans teach that the purpose of meditation is to learn to die before dying so at the moment of death we are prepared. We have been there and know the ins and outs.

 The two biggest moments in our lives are our birth and our death. Raja Yoga is the pathway for a deepening understanding of the teachings of Yoga.