November 7, 2011

     We all know that the onslaught of negative news reporting by the media is unhealthy. Even if you think you are immune to it, listening to the nightly news rehashing the same dismal information, channel after channel, has a profound effect on our nervous systems, on our moods, and on our delicate psyches. Even more devastating are the pictures and images we are exposed to that sink into our subconscious.

     One year ago, Mehrad and I got rid of the TV. I know it may be difficult for most people to imagine but we did it. The amazing thing is that we don't miss it at all. In fact, we feel free. Free of the negative programming (pun intended) and free of letting an outside force rent our minds.  We have a lot of time for activities that enrich our lives. Reading, talking, walks along the ocean, a movie now and then, and extra time to work on our many projects or to reach out to a friend and make that phone call that we haven't had a chance to make. Best of all, our house is filled with peace.

     Think about it for a moment. The average American is glued to the TV four hours a day. And even if he is not actually watching, it is often used as background noise to fill empty space.

     Last month there was a blackout in Southern California. From 3pm to well after midnight there was no electricity. NO TV. The following day, this was at the forefront of every conversation. Everyone had a story to tell. They especially talked about the fact that there was no television and what activity they did instead. The theme I heard from most people is that they had simple candlelight dinners and enjoyed the peace. Kids were calm and quiet without the sound of television filling their environment. Most people told me they wished it would happen once a week.

     The truth is, it can happen whenever we want....