August 20, 2011


     Music is said to be the universal language. Understood by all, it has inherent in its nature the total range of feelings that the human being can experience. Music has the power to lift us to mangnificence and bring us to tears. It can give us hope and stir within ourselves the fires of desire. The final strain of a lone violin ending an orchestral piece may carry us to the most refined state of peace and awe.

     I grew up in a musical family. My father played the flute and piccolo with the renowned Cleveland Orchestra. After the birth of each of his seven children, he would play the flute as my mother carried each newborn over the the threshhold of our home. It was second nature fo all seven of us to have the sounds of his flute wafting up from the basement where he had his music studio. Little did we know that our bodies, minds, and spirits were being soothed and healed with the dulcet tones of his instrument.

    It was years later that I learned of the healing power of sound and that different styles of music have differing effects on the nervous system as well as on the spiritual anatomy--the chakra system, or that the sounds of certain instruments create entrainment and align deeply within our being.

     Toning, using your own voice to express specific sounds and tones, is a powerful use of sound. Here your own body-mind-emotional being becomes the instrument as your toning creates a vibrational frequency that cleanses and harmonizes all levels of being. In private or in a group, it is something to experience!

     Finally, there is the ultimate sound--the sound of silence--that you discover winthin yourself when you take the time to close your eyes and dive deeply within--into your innermost center of being.